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How often people asked me, what they could do when they can't play or even can't get CM3. Now here's the answer:
champmaniacs arena

It's also a great way to test new formations, or even new tactics!

What you need:
- a box (e.g. from Premier Manager 99)
- a ball (e.g. table tennis ball)
- at least 8 sticks (more for advanced tactics)
- at least 22 pegs (plus some substitutions)
- perhaps referee and 2 linesmen
- scissors
- pencil

First, mark the court and cut out the two goals on each side. After doing that, make the holes for the sticks, and put them in. The last step is to place the pegs on their positions. Above you see an offensive 2-5-3, also recommended 3-4-1-2. That's all!

And as some people really asked me - I did NOT make this thing myself! The picture is from a magazine (Now you might ask what for magazines I'm reading...)

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