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   August 2004

September, 22nd: Added four new Strange Happenings, including the magic Magic Bilel Lahmar + and a way to cut down your wage bill by SIGNING a new player!

   August 2004

August, 10th: Added some new CM-Links + seven new Strange Happenings (we now reached the 600+ mark - thanks to everyone who sent in a screenshot!)

August, 18th: Added one new CM-Link + four new Strange Happenings

   April 2004

After a few weeks more than a year finally some news again:
Seven new screenshots added to the Strange Happenings section!

   Saturday, 24.08.2002 - Please read!

Much thanks for your great support for more than four years now, I really enjoyed making this webpage. First thought as just a small page I wanted to update once every month, it soon became bigger and bigger and soon entered all of the "Top5 CM-sites" lists. This wouldn't have been possible without you, all the champmaniacs out there, mailing me stories, stuff & suggestions for the page.

But you probably noticed it yourself, the last months (since early 2001 to be exact) it's not the same anymore. I just don't have the time to update the page as I did before, sometimes nothing happens for six weeks - and my mailbox grows and grows... So I just had to make a decision which wasn't easy for me, and be sure I thought about it a long time - from today the biggest parts of the english section of champmaniacs will be closed :(

However, on the left you see the sections which survived and still will be updated - including the strange happenings! So keep 'em coming - your screenshots of strange CM happenings!

Much thanks again & please don't forget to come back!
jez (aka thomas)

   Welcome to jez' champmaniacs!

  • Strange Happenings:: You probably know them already - a collection of screenshots of the strangest & most amazing happenings while playing Championship Manager. Get to know the great Hwang, learn about some weird new rules by the UEFA or just find out why CM3 is the first sign of a coming communistic revolution...

  • "Old" Champmaniacs: This is the place to go if you're looking for CM2, CM3, CM00/01 & CM01/02 stuff - downloads, the best players, cheats & more. Please notice: this pages won't be updated anymore!

  • Cmaniacs In German: The german section of champmaniacs will (unlike the english section above) still be regularly updated. So if you're looking for some up-to-date CM stuff and speak some german (or just want to improve it) you know what to do...

  • Messageboard: Our Messageboard in cooperation with Xtratime - the ultimate place to talk about our favourite game!

  • History Of CM: The story of the CM-series from CM1 up to today - including some personal notes + game screenshots

  • The Fun Corner: Some funny or less funny things to do with football or CM - e.g. including the Top 10 signs that you're addicted to CM!

  • CM-Links: Links to dozens other CM-pages on the internet

  • Guestbook: If you wanna leave some comments about this page...

  • About Champmaniacs: How it all began...Some words & screenshots about the first days of "TK's Championship Manager Page" back in '98 up to todays "champmaniacs"

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    This page exists since may, 21st 1998. Please mail any critics or suggestions to, they're welcome everytime. Keep the screen green!!! / Thomas Knie aka "jez" 1998 - 2002
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