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Es war einmal...die Champmaniacs-Story!  
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A rainy morning in april '98. With learning for a big test this & the following days on the top of my task-list also a quite boring day. Around midday I was running out of options what to do instead of learning, and suddenly I got the big inspiration everybody gets once in a life - and forgets very fast, if clever enough;) Champmaniacs was born! Or TK's Championship Manager page, as it was called first.

Click to enlarge! Knowing nothing of how to do a homepage (I really used the Netscape Composer for my first steps!), it all started on may, 21st with this design.

As you can see, if you click on the screenshot, the design is not the only thing that improved within the last years - my english also is a bit better now... Though, as I already hear you say - yeah, there's still a lot to improve:)

Click to enlarge! The first month the design changed at least once every week. Though, some of the designing masterpieces didn't even manage to survive 24 hours.

On the left you see one of the better attempts I've been damned proud of that time. Unfortunately there were some problems with the links which I was unable to solve, so that after a few days this design disappeared again.

Click to enlarge! In july then, the black/green combination was born. With the design on the right, I finally found a look I've been happy with for nearly six months!

Unfortunately, as I'm writing this, the old counter of that time doesn't work anymore, so that you can't watch it in full brightness;)

Click to enlarge! The beginning of the new year then just saw a small change. As the old menu contained too much red, I felt I had to create a new one in a black/green look.

First it has already been planned to change the name of the page to "jez' champmaniacs" for january '99, but as Sports Interactive delayed the release date for CM3 to april, I also decided to delay the new design & the renaming to april/may:)

Click to enlarge! In april '99 then the long awaited CM3 was released. After the old design of "TK's Championship Manager Page" survived about ten months with some minor changes, I decided to create a completely new & better design. Unfortunately a new design + opening all the CM3 sections was a bit too much work, so that the following eight months "jez' champmaniacs", as the page was called from now on, appeared in a design I've never been able to complete. Though, if your eyes are good enough, you'll notice that the background picture didn't change since that time!

Click to enlarge! For the new millenium the next big step was done. On january 1st, after a nearly one month break in december '99, champmaniacs was the proud owner of it's own domain - - and appeared in a new design.

After some problems with hosting the downloads champmaniacs became a member of the SoccerAlliance later in the year, so that I now didn't have to upload all download-files every two weeks because 'Xoom' or 'Crosswinds' deleted them again. Now champmaniacs was finally as big as I never wanted at the time I started with "TK's Championship Manager Page".

Click to enlarge! Well, I think you don't need a screenshot of the current design - but anyway...:)

After sixteen months then it was time for a change again, as I also noticed some minor problems with the old design. Though, as I've been quite happy with the old look, I first decided to change just a few things. And also if it now looks like if I'd just changed those few things, I can guarantee you there's been changed much more:)

Now let's see what the future will bring!

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