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Coaches, Scouts and Physios for CM99/00  
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Most of the following staff is unemployed at gamestart, so that you should be able to sign them also with smaller clubs.

Good Coaches / Assistant Managers
Look for staff with high attributes for: Coaching Outfield Players/Goalkeepers, Working With Youngsters, Motivation and Tactical Knowledge. Judging and Man Management attributes should also be good. Your Assistant Manager controls your reserve squad if you don't.

Sepp Piontek
Enzo Francescoli
Paul Ashworth
Michael Laudrup
Daniel Renders
Nico de Bree
Bob Clayton
Steve Gritt
Tommy Svensson
Lars Lagerbäck
Roger Spry
Guus Hiddink
John Skovbjerg
R. Moller Nielsen
Hans Nord
Glenn Strömberg
Jürgen Klinsmann
Ernie Tippett
Martin Hodge
Tony McAndrew

Good Scouts
Scouts are very important, especially for small and medium clubs. When you go to "player search" you can only see very famous and regional players - when you sent your scouts, they'll also find that great australian striker you couldn't find. The most important attributes for scouts are Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential.

Enzo Francescoli
Bob Clayton
Dean Gripton
John Skovbjerg
Luboslav Penev
Georges Grun
Dave Colley
Steve Gritt
Ernie Tippett
Russ Kelsall
Paul Ashworth
Bob Pearson
Marco Bouts
Juan Manuel Lillo
Kit Carson
Michel Valke
Ian John

Good Physios
A physio treats your (injured) players. The better he is, the faster your players will recover. Very important for physios is the -big surprise- Physiotherapy attribute. High ratings in Man Management, Motivation and Discipline would also be good.

Pedro Troglio
Mark Leather
Troels Bech
Phil McLoughlin
Jim Walker
Kjell Erik Stromskag
G.J. van de Blonk

Every player older than 30 can be assigned as a player/coach or player/assistant manager. But if you ask me - I mostly prefer "normal" non-playing coaches.

Walter Zenga Paul Bracewell David Platt

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