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Tips, Tricks and Cheats for CM99/00 - Page 2  
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Get a player for free II
If you want to sign a player for free, say Owen, add a manager as manager of Liverpool, go to Owen's stats and release him on a free transfer. Now before pressing continue resign as manager of Liverpool. The board will not block his free transfer and you can sign him with the club you are playing with properly (he must be interested, though...). If you do this in the first couple of weeks time goes by so quickly that he will be released and some other club will sign him, so wait a couple of weeks. [submitted by "Gazza" and Matt Sweet aka "Sweety"]

Bankrupt a club
Sometimes it could make fun to totally bankrupt a club...;) To do this add another manager controlling this club. Offer some players a contract with the highest possible wages and the longest deal - After they accepted release them on a free using the cheat above (get a player for free II). [submitted by "Gazza"]

Get a player for free III
Place a bid for the player you want to get, offer enough money so that the club accepts it (Don't worry if you go into red). When you're now asked to decide about his team status (indispensable, first team player...), click on his name at the top of the screen. In his profile click on 'transfer' where you'll see your offer, click on it and remove it. Now directly bid again, and offer £0. After clicking "back" you'll be able to offer him a contract. If he's interested there's (nearly) nothing what can prevent you to sign him on a free. [submitted by Jérôme Cattoni and Danny Brock]

Get extra money with the "Percentage of next sale"
If someone bids for one of your players you want to sell - activate the "percentage of next sale" with 5 % and negotiate the offer. When they accept the negotiations: increase the percentage to the maximum (25%) and click on accept (there are no further negotiations!). The player should now join this club, but if they sell him one time, you get 25% of the money they get - and not only 5%! [submitted by Carlos Hugo Veiga]

Player buying cheat
If you want to buy a player who probably won't ever play for his national team - simply offer as much as you can after 10 international appearences, and the player is yours. If the club rejects, offer the same again plus about 1/10 of his value - it should get accepted now. If the player will play for the national team, simply sell him off before he will play his 10 matches for the national team. [submitted by Konstantin Beliaev]

Young players-training
Put your young players into a special training schedule and give them ultra-hard training (tactics hard, shooting hard...) After two or three years he should be a quite good player. [submitted by Golan (shabi) naim]

Win every game (aka the Ctrl+Alt+Del tactic)
A very easy but also very useful tactic. If you are going to compete with a strong team and you are uncertain of winning, save the game, then play the match. If you lose press Ctrl+Alt+Del and end the game. Now restore the saved game and keep playing until you win it. This way you don't lose any game - but it can become a quite long, frustrating job. And with doing this, it's guaranted you won't have any fun winning competitions this way... [submitted by rames]

    Search filters to find good new players
  • General musts for every player: Acceleration 10 | Agility 10 | Passing 10 (good teams 12) | Stamina 10 (good teams 13) | Strength 10
  • defender: Anticipation 10 | Bravery 8 | Heading 13 | Marking 10 | Positioning 12 (good teams 15) | Tackling 14* | and, if you don't play short passing: Off the Ball 10
  • defensive midfielder: Off the ball 13* | Creativity 10 | Teamwork 10 | Work Rate 10 | (maybe also a good tackling)
  • attacking midfielder: Acceleration 12 | Agility 12 | Anticipation 10 | Creativity 12 | Dribbling 12* | Off the ball 13 | Passing 12 | Positioning 10 | Technique 12
  • striker: Agility 15* | Finishing 15 | Heading 14 | Technique 14
    The most crucial attributes are marked with a * [submitted by Ertan Keskinsoy]

    13 golden rules to succeed in CM99/00
  • Always determine the key player of your team. Do not rely on your board in this issue.
  • Always man mark the prominent attacker of the opposite team. For this dirty job, have a defence player with marking of 17 or more. Make him tackle hard, and return to normal after he gets a yellow card after a while (it is more or less inevitable)
  • Always, but always mark the attacking midfielder of the opposite team if they have one. In other case, you'll face a lot of opportunities on your goal, even if the AMC of the opposite side is mediocre.
  • Now comes the key part. If your key player is a midfielder, especially an attacking one, always check his marker before any single match. If the marking attribute of the marker is below 15, you can set up the game over your key player. If you have two key midfielders, always try the other. I had Haruna Babangida (AMR) and Joe Cole (AMC) in my Liverpool squad, and my team simply played with the 'concede 1, score 5' strategy.
  • A good AMC (Cole, Pirlo, Totti) in free role are potential highscorers.
  • Always spend your time by checking the markers, and arranging the passing system of your team according to that. It looks like a basic rule, but I have seen a lot of people considering it as a waste of time. It's not. Do not hesitate playing with passing strategy including whom to pass, attacking and defensive set pieces, according to the situtation of the match.
  • Check the referee as well. If he is harsh, check your tackling. If he is lenient, break their bones!
  • Try to have a first team player with set pieces: 10, and crossing: 17, to make him use the corners. It is important.
  • The player(s) who will use the free kick must have a set pieces: 12, long shots: 14, and finishing: 14. Off the ball and passing are optional, in the case of an assist.
  • If a player falls to 5 during the match, especially in the first half, be patient if he is somebody you rely on.
  • If player(s) finish the match with 5 or less, do not hesitate fining them for their poor performances.
  • Be a strict manager. Always fine players who turn up late for training.
  • Have a good assistant manager, and two managers with Coaching Goalkeepers: 19. Increasing GK attributes in the game is a really hard job.
    [all this rules have been submitted by Ertan Keskinsoy]

Buying good players from small teams
Offer a reasonable price for the player. The club will say no, but the player will be unhappy at not being allowed to move clubs if you do this some times, so he will go AWOL, therefore you'll be able to get him cheaper. [by Jamie 'Iffy' Holroyd]

Release clauses
If you offer a contract to a player who wants a release clause, but won't accept the contract if you remove it, sign him anyway and as soon as he joins offer a new contract. This contract usually costs more wages but is usually longer. The release clauses now can be removed and the player will often accept the contract.[by Doug McDonald]

Addition to 'Ctrl+Alt+Del tactic' / Exit without saving
If you save the game when you are asked to pick your team on matchday, and then loose the match you won't have to save the game if you restart (this doesn't work if you choose to exit the game). [by Ian G]

edit player_setup.cfg
I'm not sure if this qualifies as a tip or cheat, but anyway: With editing the file 'player_setup.cfg', which is in the CM99/00 data directory, you can e.g. remove or add injuries - but only if you start a new game after that. [by Alain Claesen]

No moaning players anymore
To make sure that none of your players moans about lack of first-team oppourtunities, offer them a new contract at the start of the season, or when buying. Set their status as indispensable to the club, and they will be satisfied with a game-a-season. Do this for those players you'd like to hold at your club, and you know already won't play a lot (excluding injuries). [by Brendhain Bass]

Exit without saving II
If you want to exit the game without saving it then just retire from the club and then exit the game. [by Damir Merdanovic]

Keep players from missing training
If you have a player that wants to leave and a bigger club makes an offer, rejecting it will often make the player miss training, which forces you to sell. Instead, delay the offer for a week. A week later the offer will appear again. Delay it again and the club will pull out of the transfer. [by Martin Brighton]

Make your players morale 'superb'
Just offer your unhappy players a new contract - if they accept, most of them should have a very good or even superb morale now! New contracts may cost a lot of money, so better think about this before offering your players new contracts every 3 months... [by Kostas]

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