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Strange Happenings - Page 10  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

As New Zealand just have some very crappy strikers, they have to use their goalkeeper for scoring goals. And 62 caps / 19 goals aren't really that bad... (Though, in real life Rufer was a striker)
Screenshot - by Derek Sproul

Sunderland is well known for developing great & revolutionary new tactics, but it seems as if this attempt with just 8 players & without goalkeeper was not very succesfully...
Screenshot - by Smaxxx

Obviously scout Patrick Visser changes his mind very fast, one day he rates a player as definitely not good enough, and the next he sees him as a useful addition to the squad...
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2 - by Matthias Cottmann

Would you expect this from Roy Keane?
Screenshot - by Chris Dunn

Just another World Footballer of the Year who plays in norway ;)
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2 - by Baggio

Most goals in a match record for CM99/00 by a player called 'Meimon', scoring eight for Hapoel Haifa in a match against Glentoran...
Screenshot - by Kevin Wang

If Frank Rolling is ever good enough to play for a national squad, which of his two nationalities would he choose? I think he'd prefer to play for france instead of playing for, err, france ;)
Screenshot - by Paolo Di Charia

After Euro2000 germany agreed a new rule with the UEFA...
Screenshot - by Srbin Yugo

Very succesful day for Lamine Diatta, he entered the match in minute 76, and then was sent off just a few seconds later...
Screenshot - by jez

Similar to the Euro2000 Screenshot above: Holland and Norway tied with the same points, but even if the Norway's goal difference is better, still it's Holland who qualifies (they tied both games between them at 0-0)...
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga
Thanks to Joergen Toft who brought some light into this: "If two teams are equal on points it is the results among the TOP 4 teams, that are taken into account." So there's everything correct on this shot, though, it still looks strange I think...:)

You ever had players who vanished while playing a match? No? Then try to find Andri Sigtórsson on this screenshot! He suddenly disppeared after another player was subtituted...
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

Everyone who didn't fall asleep in the first 88 minutes and therefore didn't notice this happenings probably got a heartattack: West Ham leading 1-0 in a boring match, when suddenly Brad Friedel caused a penalty and was sent off. But then the replacement goalkeeper John Mohan, who didn't play any professional matches before, was able to save Gravesens penalty. Then the following corner - Barry holds Jeffers, and again it's a penalty for Everton, again it's Gravesen who takes it, and again it's Mohan who saves it...
Screenshot - by Deniz Ulu

Emmanuel Petit trying to be even better than Patrick Vieira (2 sent offs in the first two matches this season in 'real life'). Eight matches - 7 yellow and 3 red cards...
Screenshot - by Karl Hullah

I suppose this happening only happened because an unofficial patch was used (the israeli one here), but anyway I rate a team with two managers a bit strange for CM..
Screenshot - by Evgeny Miller

A strange way to react after earning a penalty kick...
Screenshot - by Evgeny Miller

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