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Strange Happenings - Page 35  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

Nothing special, just a 4-0 for italy against hungary. But a) all four goal were scored by Materazzi, b) all four goals were scored in the first half, and c) all four goals were penalties...
Screenshot - by Lorenzo Gandossi

What a great day for Alun Armstrong! He scores two goals...but unfortunately they both don't count (german screenshot)...
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2 - by Lorenzo Gandossi

A nice surprise - in the middle of the season you suddenly get 725.000 from a transfer of a player who never played for you (german screenshot)...
Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2 and Screenshot 3 - by Lorenzo Gandossi

Err...English players in south american qualifying?
Screenshot - by Gaz Marsh

Legwinski got sent off for a foul - but right before Man Utd can take the free kick he comes back on the pitch just to kick the ball away...
Screenshot - by Marko Tos

Fredrik Söderströms first ten minutes must have been amazing - at least they were enough for him to get the man of the match award...
Screenshot - by Marko Tos

I didn't know yet that Frank de Boers (or also Edgar Davids') ban because of using an illegal substance had been in included in CM01/02 has, as you can see here...
Screenshot - by Stevie Giffard

South Melbourne knows how to make money: They just get some players on trial (when they're on trial, they don't belong to the club!) and then try to sell them...
Screenshot and Screenshot 2 - by Sam Lin

Parma decide that they should buy back Marco Di Vaio from Leeds as they will get a pay-off from it due to a clause in the contract...
Screenshot - by Brendhain Bass

Kicking away the ball is obviously one of the worst things you can do in professional football - there you just deserve a red card!!
Screenshot - by Dougie

AS Roma finishs on position three in their Champions League group (which means that they're out of the CL) - but anyway the italian media predicts them to win the CL-title that season...(german screenshot)
Screenshot and Screenshot 2 - by Michael Dittrich

Quite a lot of action at Leeds versus Arsenal: Four red cards, four penalties (two of them missed) and all in all seven goals...
Screenshot - by Seb

Leon Knight must be the most succesful player ever...
Screenshot - by Joe Marron

60% of the Chelsea supporters already forgot how their players look like - not a single match at home the whole october, seven away games in a row!
Screenshot - by Joe Marron

Magic Christal Palace...
Screenshot - by Joe Marron

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