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Strange Happenings - Page 6  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

Ravanelli seems to be very sure about his qualities on the pitch - or why else would he sign a contract where he only gets any payment if he scores or makes an assist?
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

Another award for the most happenings in one minute: Two red cards + two goals in minute 45 at Arsenal - Man Utd...
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

Surely one of the maddest matches ever - eight goals in all, two goalkeepers sent off and that still topped with two owngoals by Gary Ablett...
Screenshot - by Dan Howdon

There is already a screenshot with two injured players, but this is a special one only for adults;)
Screenshot - by Phil

Matt Jansen seems to be a very important player of his team...
Screenshot - by Mehmet Soylu

Little typo within the CM99/00 match commentary "...he sprayed the ball to f Giggs" f?
Screenshot - by Edison Foo

Who wants to be a millionaire? Then listen to Johnnier Montanos words - just request 1,000,000 per month from your boss!
Screenshot - by Gary Nicholls

Who will win the next world championship? I'd say San Marino will do it...
Screenshot - submitted by Ashley

Another proof for the attraction of 1st leg conference cup matches: 7 people at Chesham Utd - Slough...
Rumours say the're still a few cards left for Chesham's 2nd leg match, so hurry up!
Screenshot - submitted by Ashley

Using JattomCat's savedgame editor I made myself manager of malta. After a few friendlies then my FA announced their expectations for the world cup qualififiers...
Screenshot - jez

The ultimate injury record - 6 Man Utd players injured within a world club championship match versus Vasco da Gama...
Screenshot - by Edison Foo

Spanish first division match Real Madrid - Celta de Vigo turning into a boxing or wrestling match... Four Celta players sent off, but still they manage to win the game 2-0.
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2 - by Gary Nicholls

Another sent-off record, but a very special one too... Here Michael's comment: "Hedman clipped Owen's heels, a penalty was awarded and Hedman was sent off. Before Owen could take the penalty, Solano hit him! Owen hit him back and both players were sent off. Moukoko had to take the penalty. Then a few minutes after, Ghariyb was sent off for a second yellow. FOUR red cards in five minutes. So I had 10 men against 8 men and I still lost the game 2-1."
Screenshot - by Michael Jones

Maybe Gustavo Poyet should stop coaching - somehow I can't believe he'd have much success there...
Screenshot - by Gary Nicholls

This must be the ultimate passing record - Antonio Conte completed every single one of his 173(!) passes in a match versus CSKA Moscow...
Screenshot - by Rajanpal Khuman

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