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Strange Happenings - Page 11  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

Even the CM3 makers aren't perfect - Michael Pollard spotted a spelling mistake in CM3...
Screenshot - by Michael Pollard

Who ever this Mark Abraham is, he must be a damned great player - or is it just his agent, who is exagerrating things a little?
Screenshot - by Martin Brighton

Lazio hiring an 18 year old St. Johnstone player on their non-playing staff... Who can explain this? I haven't got any idea...
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2- by WeiLini

Sevilla forgot to pay...
Screenshot - by WeiLini

Ivo Milenkov seems to have good connections to the italian football association: "At the end of the first season with Parma I finished 4th in Serie A, after Inter, Roma and Fiorentina. I was one point behind Fiorentina, but got awarded $6 million for 4th place and $6.5 million for 3rd place on the next day"...
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2- by Ivo Milenkov

The strangest FA Cup Semi Final draw I've ever seen. Huddersfield or Stockport or Leeds or Yeovil or Corby Town or... versus Arsenal
Screenshot - by Dan Howdon

Nearly 30 minutes there happened nothing at Lazio - Roma, but then: Five penalties, three red cards and even some more goals...
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

The best team ever: HOLLAND, they are so good that they even qualify 2 teams for the world cup...
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

Probably one of the strangest goals: "I guess what happened was Ajax was down 5-1 on aggregate, so they even had their goalie way up so Cannavaro (playing for VfB Stuttgart) just tried to clear the ball..." But he cleared it very well - into Ajax' goal!
Screenshot - by Mikko Salonen

Mikko's comment about this: 'I got this St Lucian striker for trial way back in 2002 for 2 weeks but he's been on trial for over 10 years and refuses to leave! As you can see I can only promote/relegate him to seniors/reserves or approach to sign him. But of course I can't sign him coz I'm in England. AND when I try to sign him and he accepts there just pops up this "Transfer cancelled"-screen with an ok button. I've also tried buying him with another human manager but again that "transfer cancelled" screen comes up. So I guess I'm stuck with him until he retires (If he ever does)...'
Screenshot - by Mikko Salonen

Another own goal screenshot - but have you ever seen an own goal ruled out because of an offside position?...
Screenshot - by Edison

That's what I call a supersub - 3 goals, all 50 passes completed, and of course a match rating of 10...
Screenshot - by Gary Priest

What a day for Paulo Wanchope - 1,2,3,4,5 goals! - and a red card...
Screenshot - by Gary Priest

How many Víctors do you know? Here two of them are transfered one the same day..
Screenshot - by jez

I'd recommend this goalkeeper to change his job...
Screenshot - by jez

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