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Strange Happenings - Page 2  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

To be a professional football-player is a very hard job, you can't play until you're old and wise. Some players retire with 35, some with 30. But Jonathan Marchant-Heatley retired with 15, after a strenuous year on a free transfer...
Screenshot - jez

That's what I call a joker: Stéphane Luraschi came into the match for the last minute- and scored!
Screenshot - jez

My highest win, a 14-0 with 1.FC Köln (Without cheating!). But especially take a look to the player ratings of that match... The "crappest" player was my goalkeeper with a 9, all the others with a 10.00!
Screenshot - jez

Better than Ronaldo, Shevchenko and Owen together: Glen Crowe with 27 shots in 90 minutes in the danish premier league!
Screenshot - jez

One of the strangest double-nationalities I've ever seen... Cape Verde Islands / Andorran
Screenshot - jez

Who is Robbie Keane? Watch this screenshot: Esbjerg - Glostrup 10 - 1, with Ulrik Balling scoring all 10 (!) for Esbjerg.
Screenshot - jez

Stalybridges famous ten minutes... 5 goals between minute 59 and 69, and we turned a 0-2 into a 5-2!
Screenshot - jez

The double sent-off- two red cards (plus a goal) in one minute!
Screenshot - jez

Black saturday for Kilmarnock's Dylan Kerr- 11th minute: own goal, 13th minute: red card. He better should have stayed at home that day
Screenshot - jez

It's going around in the CM Scene that there would be an "against the run of play bug" in v3.04e. Your team dominates, but the other team scores. This screenshot proves that it can also work for you... 2 to 22 shots, but I won it 2-1.
Screenshot - jez

And what about this: Chiesa 114 and Bierhoff 142 passes within ONE MATCH. And, with all the passing, they forgot to score. Only one shot on goal by Maldini the whole game!
Screenshot - by Ramandeep Chauhan

Passing like wild part II: Juventus in an Euro-Cup match versus Dag Riga. Francesco Scardina, 16 year old defender, with unbelievable 150 passes in the first 45 minutes. That are nearly more passes than the complete rest of the team together!
Screenshot - by Kadri Acikgöz

According to Lars he was playing a friendly tournament against Chelsea. But then Shevchenko has had a goal disallowed by the referee, for what he pushed him in anger - result: a 6 (!) month ban.
Screenshot - by Lars "Luca" Folsberg

One of the strangest penalty shootouts ever... Man Utd missed the first 4 penalties, then Keane scored the last - but they won the game: Chelsea missed all of their shots...
Screenshot - by Edison Foo

The proof that there were also also strange happenings within CM97/98... Here Johan's comment about this: "I'm playing with Patro Eisden in Belgian competition, get 1-0 ahead against Cercle Brugge, and then one of my defenders gets sent off... and then another... and a little later, yet another... All three for "deliberate handball". I guess someone should explain them they're playing FOOTball. Had an injured player that match too, as if it wasn't going bad enough. Still managed to hold on to 1-1 though."
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2 - by Johan Horemans

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