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Strange Happenings - Page 14  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

Never score a goal against Arsenal - this can become quite unhealthily: Bakircioglü scoring an early goal, and then Vieira and Bergkamp are trying to kill him...
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2 - by André Gelinas

Hakan Sukur suddenly noticed he forgot to score goals in the whole match, so he just scores 3 in the last minute...
Screenshot - by Hugo

The new fictional player feature in CM00/01 looks like its going to throw up some really strange happenings - Kim Ki-Hyung, the best international goal scorer of all time...
Screenshot - by Chris Said

What a match! What a team! What a great day for Brazilian striker Jaunildo! And no... we don't feel sorry for the Fortuna Sittard goalkeeper, who scored an amazing 1(!) in his rating...
Screenshot - by Splinter Boel

Quiz: How many things can a professional football player be unhappy about?
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

The world's greatest goalkeeper - he doesn't need any kind of time to establish himself, years of top class? baaaaaah what for? The man only needs ONE (1!) minute to be considered the Man of the Match!...
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

Just shows how realistic this game is: Real football: Derby at the bottom. Championship Manager: Derby at the bottom. Maybe the Derby manager should play some more CM, to see how he could solve the problem...
Screenshot - by Chris Dunn

It seems this referee doesn't like Mark Viduka - not only he turns down 2 clear penaltys involving him, when Viduka finally does manage to score, the referee books him for it...
Screenshot - by Ian Robinson

Already the next prove how realistic CM00/01 is - the weather in england - 3 matches in a row postponed due to a flooded pitch...
Screenshot - by Bart Felus

There were some old ones in the game, so now it's time for a new face. But isn't UNESCO (or whoever else) forbidding hiring kids below 14 years of age?...
Screenshot - by Bart Felus

Despite Owen was sent off after just two minutes, everything looked like this game would end up in a penalty shootout. But then there are the minutes 100 and 101 - three Liverpool players pick up an injury within these two minutes - after Liverpool already did the three allowed substitutions - and it's 7 against 11. No wonder Galatasaray scored the winning goal (btw, also in minute 101 as Deniz said..)
Screenshot - by Deniz Ulu

Is this the most boring first half ever?...
Screenshot - by James Howard

And matching to the screenshot before, here the most boring second half ever - what did happen between minute 46 and 90?...
Screenshot - jez

Fictional player feature II: If you bring into your mind that Lothar Matthäus needed about 20 years to reach 146 caps, this player probably got his first cap at the age of -1...
Screenshot - by James Howard

Fictional player feature III: Some players who obviously faked their passport to be able to play in the german U21...
Screenshot - by James Howard

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