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Strange Happenings - Page 5  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

Have you ever asked yourself why your second half is always crap? Then your half time oranges are probably too small, so do this to apply for larger ones: Go to "Board request", then open any other page (e.g. your squad) and click "back". Now choose "submit" without requesting anything... it seems if this doesn't work with v3.72!
Screenshot - by Chris Dunn, Niclas Ryzavy and Tom West, who also explained how to get this displayed

Liverpool interested in buying Dominic Matteo - who plays for... Liverpool?! If they will agree a transfer fee with themselves?
Screenshot - by Martin Randall

Millennium Bug?
Screenshot - submitted by Matt Sweet

Emile Heskey - There he just got his first cap and now he starts to fly in other spheres, expecting £250,000 a week...
Screenshot - by Ian Robinson

Similar to the Liverpool one three points above, but now it happens: Blackburn sign their own player on a free transfer...
Screenshot - by Adam Heathfield

FIFA testing new rules in the english premiership? Everybody who scores a goal gets a yellow card... Now don't say that you don't believe - here's the proof!
Screenshot - by Lawrence Coldicott

Now I think this player is really unhappy...
Screenshot - jez

After CM3 now also an Eastern Germany revival in CM99/00: A coach with the typical german name Emmerson Ripley...
Screenshot - jez

Sigtórsson's shot skimmed the bar. To be more exactly it hits the top of the bar. But no, to be even more exactly it hits "the top of the top of the bar" - That's what it says in the CM99/00 match report. Just another proof how detailed the match engine of CM99/00 is...
Screenshot - by Martin Randall

We already had a match Scotland - Scotland somewhere in the strange happenings, but anyway I thought this one would be a must: Ireland qualified twice (?) for the world cup. Both Ireland teams qualify from their group and face each other in the second round... but watch it yourself!
Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2 and Screenshot 3 - by George Maragos

That's something you really like, an important Championsleague match, and then you get one injury after another, so that even the subs for the injured players were injured...
Screenshot - by Jake Carter

Dwight Yorke and Dédé get into a fight, that ends in red cards for both of them..
Screenshot - by Jake Carter

What should I say about this - probably the most man of the match awards a player ever got! We all know him, the great Momparlet who plays for the spanish non-league club U.D. Tomares. 35 MoM's out of 38 matches...
Screenshot - by Chris Dunn

After loosing the first leg away to Zaragoza 2-0 Barcelona had to win this game with at least 3 goals. After an early 1-0 it was Saviola who missed a penalty in the 37th minute... Lots of shots to the Zaragoza goal followed, and so Barca scored their second goal in minute 71. But then, with only seven minutes to go, Zaragoza scored the 2-1 from out of nowhere. Now Barca needed to score two more goals... And then it happened: 90 minutes played, Gallardo scores the 3-1. The same minute it seemed a gift from the gods reached Nou Camp: Penalty kick for Barcelona! Saviola stepped to take his second spot kick ih the match... And... see it yourself!
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

Award for the match with the most players sent off by two yellow cards - 4(!) Sunderland players had to go before match end. And according to Matt it was still 0-0 before all 4 were sent off...
Screenshot - by Matt Sweet

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