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Strange Happenings - Page 16  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

The answer to the 'bargain Schmeichel' screenshot on the last page...
Screenshot - by Simon Glud Kristensen

Would you be interested in watching a match of some of the worst football nations - estonia versus cyprus? No? But this match definitely would have been worth to watch...
Screenshot - by Andrew McBride

Abduls comment: "That's the second time this has happened to me. I play too many games in a season so the only way to finish the season on time is to play to games at the same time..."
Screenshot - by Abdul

The future of german football? A last-minute 3-3 in the big clash at home to Uzbekistan...
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

Djalminha wants to play at every single club on this world before he retires...
Screenshot - by Deniz Ulu

What should I say more - two headbutts in one minute!
Screenshot - by André Gelinas

"Having made 3 substitutions my GK gets sent off. In goal goes a defender, and I promptly conceed two goals in extra time. But my equaliser comes just 2 minutes from time, taking the game to penalties, which I promptly go on to win with - one of my defenders as goalkeeper saving two..."
Screenshot 1 and - Screenshot 2 by Neil Hannam

The coming football world power - Widzew Lodz...
Screenshot - by Chris Dunn

This keeper got a bit annoyed after letting this bloke get his hat-trick...
Screenshot - by Chris Dunn

After Lugovskov fired a shot on Tulas goal that hard, that the ball got damaged, they suddenly found out this was the only ball they had - and played the rest of the halftime without a ball. Novokuznesk with just one pass in the whole first half...
Screenshot - by Nikolay Partsykian

Extremadura appointing 'Baby' as their new manager. But it seems the're already the first differences, rumours say that most of the players don't like to shout 'hey baby', if they want to speak to him...
Screenshot - by Antony Derkach

Why do you need goalkeepers part II: Barcelona vs Deportivo...Alfonso scores a penalty as the first keeper see's red. Then the second keeper goes off, and Djalminha (AMC) goes in goal, and - saves...
Screenshot 1 and - Screenshot 2 by Craig Boyle

Maybe the strangest thing ever happened to me in CM99/00: I (Sutton United), being freshly promoted into the premier division, playing away at Liverpool, the No.1 in the league. My goalkeeper playing like hell - but then the last minute Liverpool scores...what a ****! - but no, it's ruled out! Free kick Sutton - Darren Fowler -> O'Neill -> Langley -> GOAL FOR SUTTON -> Final whistle...Liverpool vs Sutton 0-1!
Screenshot - jez

This will probably never happen in real life: Four italian teams in the Champions League semi-finals...
Screenshot - by Tick Wang

The fictional player feature again: 30 goals - really not bad for an international debut...
Screenshot - by Gary Priest

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