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Strange Happenings - Page 7  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

New record for things a player be unhappy about - and who else could hold it if not Stan Collymore?
Screenshot - by BigRussta

Steve Stone must have a very crap fitness coach...
Screenshot - by Ashley

Emiliano Mondico made his dream becoming true - just beeing a few hours manager of Fiorentina...
Screenshot - by Ashley

Red card for Alexander Mostovoi. Celta decides to make a substitution, and after that Mostovoi suddenly realised what happened and punches the referee...
Screenshot - by Gary Nicholls

What for an amazing second half at Man Utd - Sheffield Wed! The most exciting thing: a corner in minute 53. Beside that there was nothing worth to be mentioned in the match commentary - until the final whistle was blown...
Screenshot - by Rajanpal Khuman

I already thought the 7-visitors screenshot would be unbeatable - but now we go even lower. Ever heard of a match with an attendance of 3?!
Screenshot - by Mat Corne

Magic Hugo - although he was substituted three minutes before, he was still able to injure an opposition player...
Screenshot - by Mat Corne

Probably the first hattrick that is scored with three penalties...
Screenshot - by Rajanpal Khuman

Question: What's wrong with this Ryan Giggs screenshot? I give you a clue: check the dates of the "English Players Premier Division Selects"...
Screenshot - by Mathias Askholm

What a player - First he gets injured, but he's a hard guy, and so resumes the match. Then he gets sent off, but he says "no" and doesn't leave the pitch. And then, with just two minutes to go, he even scores a goal... or were there just three players called Anastasiadis? ;)
Screenshot - by Rajanpal Khuman

16.02. Man Utd sack Alex Ferguson / 06.03. Man Utd hire Alex Ferguson. It took the Man Utd board over three weeks but they've chosen their new manager wisely. The team started climbing up the table immediately...
Screenshot - by Bart Felus

Superfast fivepack by Tonton Moukoko...
Screenshot - by Johan Axbom

What did I say? Ultimate passing record? Now I don't say anything anymore. Just "240 passes" (plus an amazing match;)...
Screenshot and Screenshot 2 - by Carl Holtman

The double-Heskey: According to Chris he had loaned Emile Heskey, when Newcastle placed a bid and signed him. But Heskey didn't disappear from the Celtic squad screen, so that he's now playing for two clubs? Unfortunately he can't be selected for Celtic anymore...
Screenshot and Screenshot 2 - by ChrisB

Football quiz: What's wrong with this screenshot of the world cup history?
Screenshot - by John Hyde

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