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Strange Happenings - Page 33  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

Probably the italian club Siena didn't pay enough protection money to the local mafia bosses - the local council doesn't allow them to improve their ground...
Screenshot - by David Bucur

Abgar Barsom and Darren Anderton are very good at "laying the ball off"...
Screenshot - by adam (aka 'compliant pancake')

I'm not sure if this maybe is a rule by the english FA - but if not: who can explain why this match went into extra time?
Screenshot - by Primoz Crncec
Thanks to Nic D'Arcy & textblue for clearing this up: "The reason the match went to extra time is because in the English league cup away goals only count after extra time. Therefore although the aggregate scores were tied at full time, with Peterborough winning on away goals, the away goals rule doesn’t come into effect until after 120 mins."

And yet another training report for a Sports Interactive guy - Marlon Davidson...
Screenshot - by Nik D'Arcy

This was probably the first and also last time Stéphane Dalmat tried the armenian kitchen...
Screenshot - by Nik D'Arcy

"The scottish press are just, well, weird... especially as I don't think Rangers had even played even a friendly game yet, and had bought in a lot of talent..."
Screenshot - by Nik D'Arcy

The final proof that the scots are parsimonious: Someone at Celtic needed some money - and stole the amazing amount of £1!
Screenshot - by Andrew Kenny

Quite a promising candidate for the madest match ever - some red cards + defender Robert Kealy scoring six goals - including four penalties in a row in the first halftime...
Screenshot - by Magnus Larsen

In the meantime I found that there already is a similar screenshot on page 18 of the strange happenings - but I didn't want to delete this one again: Another abandoned match!
Screenshot - by Paul Caulfield (similar one submitted by Gary Wells two days later:)

Francesco Totti has won it all...
Screenshot - by Glenn Tan

Either Sebastian Kehl is somehow stupid, or the FA doesn't know their own rules - Kehl accepts a fine because he got sent off, and the FA decides to ban him for eight matches - but then they revoke the ban...
Screenshot - by Glenn Tan

Real Madrid & lesson one on how to waste as much shots on the oppponents goal as possible...
Screenshot - by Glenn Tan

Just a stupid excuse? Laurent Courtois claims that he missed his plane...
Screenshot - by Niclas Ingvaldsen

Huh! If Göteborg will be able to pay this big amount of money? Just check the potential fee after 50 league appearances...
Screenshot - by Jamie Brown

A new joker of the week - just entered the pitch, Tó Madeira makes an amazing solo...
Screenshot - by Jamie Brown

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