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Strange Happenings - Page 22  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

The youth from today also doesn't know what they want. First this player is absent from training and wants to move clubs, and on the same day he signs a new contract, revealing his admiration for his manager...
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2- by Gerald Teo

Aye sh*t, we qualified for the world cup! And that although our manager promised us we would never qualify! We have to sack that manager...
Screenshot - by Gerald Teo

Well, on page 20 you saw that Rosenborg Trondheim is the only team which is able to win a match 3-1 with scoring two goals. Now here is the only team, which needs to score two regular goals to win a match 1-0 - Napoli...
Screenshot - by Lars Erik Schou

"This bloke played for Penarol and Rayo signed him on a free. Look at how good he is, then look at how much he is worth, and then check his minimum fee release clause..."
Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2 and Screenshot 3- by Shorty

If I'd be in Yury Kotylevs situation, I'd probably think the same way he does. 18 years old, 43 caps for russia - but he believes not to have a future in professional football...
Screenshot - by Rick Krebbers

"Gary Alexander scores his team's 2nd but his emotions get carried away...AFTER the kick off he legs it towards the opposition keeper and knocks him to the ground..."
Screenshot - by John Weatherill

First, this regenerated player has a very uncommon double nationality. And then his name makes it even more special...
Screenshot - by Mohamad Makki

Ohhhh, hopefully that player gets his 20 leagues appearances for his new club! In this case we'd get 6million instead of, err, 6million!
Screenshot - by Benjamin Ayers

The next pop-star who's playing football, because his records don't sell that good - Jason Donovan! (I've already seen a lot more popular names in the game - so please only submit such screenshots if it are very special ones!)
Screenshot - by Benjamin Ayers

The world's worst player - check his average rating...
Screenshot - by Benjamin Ayers

The Roma players must have been in the halftime break already - Milan scoring four goals in minute 45...
Screenshot - by Jovan Kalezic

In turkey they want to help the basque football, and so the turkish FA doesn't allow it's club to sign non-basque players...
Screenshot - by Prince-T

Luis Oliveira with a magic performance in the first five minutes - match rating 10!
Screenshot - by Helten

Mallorca collecting yellow cards - 13 in one match!
Screenshot - by Helten

Some people are really addicted to this game - check the date...
Screenshot - by Maher

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