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Strange Happenings - Page 17  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

Yellow card festival at Liverpool v Charlton: The referee has shown it 15 times...
Screenshot - by Tick Wang

It's not possible to play more effective - 1 to 15 shots for 1.FC Köln at Arsenal, but 1 to 0 goals...
Screenshot - by Tick Wang

The board seems to be quite happy with Michael Owen...
Screenshot - by Tick Wang

Italian clubs decided their players have to play to much matches all over the season, and so rejected to play any italian cup matches...;)
Screenshot - by Alexandre Perin

What a day for Héréson! In the second minute he scores a penalty, and in the third minute - he gets injured...
Screenshot - jez

Manchester United scoring the goals, Arsenal picking up the injuries & the red cards...
Screenshot - by Mo Moses

Yeh, mummy, this time I promise I won't buy those chewing gums with my pocket-money, this time I will buy a football team...
Screenshot - by Mark Brighton

Diego Tristán just scoring four goals in a match versus Parma - what a cr*p performance, really just worth a match rating of 1...
Screenshot - by Vedran Bilas

"After my strange happening with PSG playing two matches the same night, I thought I wouldn't see a better case. I was wrong... With the first screenshot you could think I played 5 matches in 7 days, but the second one tells the awful truth: my players had to undergo 6 matches in 7 days. Can you believe it?..."
Screenshot and Screenshot - by Abdul

Well, why should football players not have the same problems as 'usual' people also have - Javier Margas being treated for depression...
Screenshot - by Carlos Hugo Veiga

"I have an international match between england and belarus to play, but I am unable to play it because there is an unknown player without a work permit in the ENGLISH NATIONAL TEAM. When I look in my squad I don't see this player, when I look in the tactics, I see him, Cristan Martín, playing in midfield. But - this player is an argentinian..."
Screenshot - by Dhanesh Bonead

Something that Ruud van Nistelrooy probably will never forget in his whole life: Minute 45, PSV - Real Madrid. Goal by van Nistelrooy, 1-1. The same minute, and again it's van Nistelrooy, 2-1. Still the same minute, and yet again it's van Nistelrooy - but now it's a red card...
Screenshot - by Simon Glud Kristensen

American Football, erm, Soccer I mean, still isn't respected that well in northern america...
Screenshot - by Omar Khan

Barcelona beating Prague 7-0, with all Kluivert scoring all seven...
Screenshot - by Evgeni Miller

This player is that bad, he doesn't even have stats...
Screenshot - by Evgeni Miller

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