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Strange Happenings - Page 4  
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You also had such strange experiences whilst playing a Championship Manager game? Then just mail me your screenshot! -> How can I make a screenshot?

A very cheap Les Sealey... working for nothing!
Screenshot - by Dan Howdon

Lazy Sports Interactive ;)
To get this shot within your game go to "Board request", then open any other page (e.g. your squad) and click "back". Now request a win bonus and check your news... Seems if it doesn't work with v3.72!
Screenshot - by Antonio Zelano, Nils-Erik Stridh and Dan Howdon

Am I viewing this table from the wrong side? Very strange relegations from italian Serie A...
Screenshot - by Lars "Luca" Folsberg

Normally the best teams of each group in the european cup should qualify for the next round - that's how I'd understand it. But here comes UEFA-logic: No.1 and No.3 go through, and No.2 has to go home...
Screenshot - by Denis Medvedev

Stjepan Jukic, the only one player in the world who can be injured by a red card. Or did he get the red card because he got injured? Or why else he gets sent off and injured in the same moment?
Screenshot - by Bilescu

90 minutes played, Denmark leading 2-0 in a U21 international in spain - but there still is Rubio. And what follows now is unbelievable: Rubio scores a hattrick in the last minute! And he only was a substitute who came in after 60 minutes...
Screenshot - by Carlos Veiga
Screenshot - by Carlos Veiga

Probably an unbeatable record - Everton's Tony Grant with 234 passes in one game! And btw, 229 of them were succesfully...
Screenshot - by Rajanpal Khuman

Is that the money he deserves? Dutch international Boudewijn Zenden's wages: 100 pounds/ week...
Screenshot - by Rajanpal Khuman

Probably one of the world's worst coaches...
Screenshot - by Rajanpal Khuman

Somebody ever saw an unhappy scout in CM99/00? Here he is: The just 36 years old Omar Sivori of Juventus wants to end his career in argentina...
Screenshot - by Carlos Veiga

Scotland is so good that nobody can beat them, and so, if they really want some competition, they have to play against themselves. And this is what they did, a game Scotland v. Scotland. The game saw two amazing Christian Dailly's who both were man of the match - but please don't ask who won...
Ah, this cloned sheep, "Dolly", wasn't it also from Scotland?
Screenshot - by Richie

Now it's cleared up: Kidderminster Harriers' secret of success - Manager Lawrence Coldicott just uses retired boxers in his team who have to knock out the oppositions best players - here it's Montenegro who "landed a fine right hook on Bermudez"
Screenshot - by Lawrence Coldicott

The referee doesn't like James French, so he shows him the red card directly after he scored a goal for Elgin City.
Screenshot - jez

James French the second: I brought him into the game in minute 73, the same minute he scores the deciding 1-0. But not that you think he's a superstar - in three years he just scored 3 goals, but two of them for the strange happenings...
Screenshot - jez

Strange happenings in the draw for the danish cup semi finals: Hornsyld or Brondby or Vejle - versus - OB or Midtjylland or Silkeborg
Screenshot - jez

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